Social Media Ads for the Beginning Blogger

Are you just starting out in the blog world, and looking for tips on social media marketing? There are many ways you can market yourself in the massive world of social media, but one of the easiest and time-saving routes is still using paid advertising available on many platforms.





All of the social networking giants have some form of advertising platforms built right into their mobile apps, and on their websites. This allows businesses of all sizes, as well as bloggers, video makers and individuals, to buy advertising to market to a targeted audience.


Which of the Social Media Platforms Offer Advertising?


Well, it would be easier to ask which of them didn’t. Nearly every popular social platform and mobile apps offer some form of advertising.

Some of the biggest ones are:

  • Facebook: Facebook ads can be a hugely effective advertising tool, with the Facebook Pixel at your disposal, along with an entire Ads Manager right there on Facebook. In the Ads Manager, you can see all of the analytical information for your ads. Facebook has one of the most extensive advertising platforms around. 
  • Instagram: Instagram allows ads as well, with ads showing up on news feeds, and now, ads are able to be displayed in Stories as well. Instagram is a huge platform full of very passionate users. If you’re in the right niche, you can market directly to a lot of dedicated people on Instagram, using beautiful Photo Ads or some fun Video Ads. 
  • Twitter: Twitter has a great advertising platform as well, and a bit of a simpler approach. Twitter will boost your tweets to a bigger audience for a price. You can combine this with using the right hashtags and your tweets could be seen by thousands of people, so make sure your content is great. 
  • Pinterest: Even Pinterest has an advertising platform. It is easy to get started with Pinterest Ads. Pinterest is another platform full of users dedicated to certain topics, which is a great place to be for marketing. Tailor your content especially for your niche and your ads could really help boost your presence on Pinterest.


These are some of the major ones, but other social networks and apps have advertising platforms too, like Snapchat and LinkedIn. There are a few steps in identifying which of the social networking platforms might be best to invest some time into.


Which Platform Do I Focus My Marketing On? 


The key to figuring out the best social media platforms (it may end up being more than one) to market your blog on is knowing your audience. Where does your audience tend to hang out online when they’re not browsing your blog?


Knowing Your Audience


Here are some easy ways to consider where your niche applies with some statistics about who tends to be on each social network.

  • Facebook is used by 2 billion people around the world. Yes, 2 billion people use Facebook on a monthly basis. This is huge, showing Facebook is still the most widely-used social platform in the world for all age groups. 
  • Instagram has a monthly user-base of 500 million active users. Instagram users are usually younger and the social platform seems to be more popular with females than with males. With so many passionate people on one platform, Instagram makes a great place for ads. 
  • Twitter has an impressive 328 million active users a month. This makes Twitter another perfect place to get your content in front of thousands of eyes, as quick as you can. You can put out tweets with links to your website or sales page because many Twitter users are passionate about entrepreneurship and online businesses. 

By knowing more about your audience, you will be able to spend more time on the platforms they’re on, marketing directly to them. You just need to know the right approach to keeping them after you’ve got them.


Why Paid Ads Are Still the Easiest Way to Get Noticed 


We all know that with enough hard work and dedication, we could probably gain some more followers and grow our audience even more on our social networks. We know a lot of the principles involved and we know we could handle it.

But who has the time for that? Most people want to actually focus on their blog instead of being on social media all day.

Paid ads solve this problem, letting you define an audience and put your content directly in front of them. If it is something they can connect with, and something that appeals to them, they will click on it. And if that content is good, well, you may just have just hooked someone to your blog.

I’m Lauren Elizabeth – a freelance social media marketing strategist and consultant based in LA.