Use Social Media to Get People to Your Webinars

Webinars can be a brilliant way to sell someone something. A great webinar can address a pain point and offer a solution. A good webinar host will give the presentation, walk people through why their product or service is a solution to a problem at hand, and will then take questions from the people watching and address any questions or concerns they might have.


Webinars can connect people looking for an answer directly to someone providing that answer. As a business owner, using webinars are a great way to get your product or service out there.


There are many online services out there that offer webinar hosting, but you can also do it yourself with free tools online. The key isn’t what platform you run your webinar on, but what value you provide the people who attend it.



To get a lot of people to come to your value-packed webinar, however, you’re going to need people to know about it. Luckily, social media exists for us to get our events and information right in front of the eyes of the people who are looking for it.


Let’s dive right into some information that will come in handy for you whenever you are planning a webinar and wanting to get it out there to people right away.


Make People Aware of Your Webinar on Social Media


Many social media platforms exist, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. You want to make sure you are set up on one or more social media platforms so you can connect with your audience on a deeper level.


TikTok is a great new platform that is quickly on the rise in popularity. Not many people use TikTok to promote their webinars, which presents you with a unique opportunity to take advantage of this. It might also make sense to buy TikTok followers to give your profile that quick headstart before you start promoting your webinar.


If you are hosting a webinar, you can utilize the power of social media to help make people aware of it. There are several tools you can use to make sure people who need to know about your webinar will know about it. Take advantage of a few of these ideas to let people know about your upcoming webinar so they can reserve a seat.


Let Your Current Followers Know


Your current followers will, of course, want to know about what you’ve got going on. If your brand has a Facebook Page or Twitter page, make an announcement on a post giving a time of your webinar and a sneak preview of what it’s all about. This is a good way to build some early hype about your webinar.


Also, there is no better audience than your current one. People who are already interested in what you are doing are much easier to convert into paying customers later down the line.


Make a Facebook Event Page


If you have a Facebook presence, one surefire way to build up a buzz about your webinar is to make a Facebook event page for it.


Event pages on Facebook allow you to invite people to the event, lets them invite their friends, and lets everyone know what time the event is, where it is, and lets them converse on the event page’s timeline as well.


Create the event page on Facebook, and fill it out with information about your webinar. Address what your webinar will be talking about, and how you plan to present a solution to a problem with your webinar. Let your audience know when it will be, a certain time, and where they can find it (is it going to be a Facebook Live event or maybe a Google Hangouts call?). Provide all the necessary links for people to be able to find it.


On the Facebook event page, make announcements on the page’s timeline. This will help to build the hype around the webinar. Encourage people to share the event page and some of its posts with their friends. This might even encourage other people interested in what you have to say to sign up.


Leverage Twitter to Let People Know About Your Webinar


Twitter can be a huge platform for people, especially marketers. If you have a Twitter page, let people know about your webinar on it. Include the right hashtags for the occasion, as more people are sure to see it if the post is hashtagged properly.


For added fun, you could include a link to the Facebook event page in the Tweet. Not only would they be able to read more about it on the event page, but they would also be able to sign up and be reminded of it through Facebook. A great way to make sure they don’t forget about it.


Present, Present, Present


After you have people on social media hyped up about your webinar, all you have to do now is get all those eager people into your webinar and give your presentation.


With some of these tips for making people aware of your webinar through social media, you’re sure to net a few new buyers for your product or service.

I’m Lauren Elizabeth – a freelance social media marketing strategist and consultant based in LA.