Using Facebook to Get Free, Organic Traffic

When you think about getting traffic from Facebook, you might be thinking about running paid ads. Paid ads are a brilliant strategy, but having a great social presence on the platform will complement your existing advertising strategy very well.


The goal of social media marketing is usually one of two things: getting someone to click a link to go to your site, or to make a sale. Each option is one that is easily achieved by utilizing some of the tools Facebook provides. By connecting with your audience on Facebook and giving them content they value, you can get free, organic traffic to your site, and maybe even make some sales.


Ready to learn all about it?


Have a Facebook Page For Your Business


This should be obvious, but you’d be surprised how many businesses and bloggers don’t have a Facebook page representing their brand set up. It is a crucial way for your audience to find you and connect with you on social media. Since Facebook is the biggest social media platform in the world, your audience is built right in with it.


With all of these potential site visitors within your grasp, you just have to reach out to them. Begin by creating a Facebook page for your business. Give it a name, a nice profile image, and a good cover image. Great aesthetics will help people remember your brand. Give it some background in the Bio section so people know what you’re all about, and throw some nice posts with quality content up.



Make sure there’s a link to your website on there, and you can even include a Call to Action button right on the page. Some of the options available for the CTA is Learn More which can take folks who click on it to a specified link. You can also add a button to call or a button that just links directly to your website.


Make sure to post content to your page every now and again to keep your followers engaged. If someone communicates with you on your posts, try and reach out to them when you have the chance. People love and remember brands that connect with them. Sometimes, something as simple as a reply to a comment on a post can leave a lasting impression on people, and you want your audience to know your brand as one that cares about them.


Lights, Camera, Action! Utilize Facebook Live


Livestreaming has become a huge way to connect with your audience in real-time. Many brands now take advantage of Facebook Live, a way for you to go live on video and connect with your audience.


Your Facebook Live could be about anything. You could introduce yourself to everyone and answer questions, you could talk about your website and why it is awesome, or you could promote your newest offer. If your audience cares about what you have to say, they will stick around and listen.


Make sure you offer valuable information in your live streams. It’s fine to promote products and services, but don’t make the whole thing sales. People want to get valuable content as well, not just a sales pitch.


Make Sure You Have Links to Your Site in Appropriate Places


This sounds like another obvious one, but many people don’t have their site prominently on display on their social media channels. Your site is your portfolio for the world; it shows what your brand is all about. You want to make sure your site is front and centre in everything you do in the online world.


On your Facebook page, make sure your site is displayed on your about section. You can also link your site in your personal information, as well as your biography. Having links in various locations increase the chances that someone may click on it.


Include your link in relevant posts. If you want someone to come to your site to learn more about something in your post, let them know. Say something along the lines of To learn more about [topic], click the link below. This will entice them to click through to your site to learn the information.


Most Importantly, Give Your Audience Valuable Content


A lot of brands that operate online forget what their audience wants, and that is simply content. They want something that is going to enrich their lives, something they can connect with on more than just a business level.


Depending on your niche, work hard to give your audience quality content. No one is going to remember a page that posts nothing but sales pitches. A page that consistently posts quality, great content, however, is going to have many followers indeed.

I’m Lauren Elizabeth – a freelance social media marketing strategist and consultant based in LA.