Why You Need Instagram Followers in 2020

If you’re reading this, even you yourself are likely an Instagram user. The fact is, you’re not alone. Instagram currently has 200 million monthly active users. 50 million of those users have signed up within the last month, which means if there’s one thing for sure, Instagram isn’t going anywhere.


Instagram might have begun as a simple app for sharing cool photos, but since 2010 and after being purchased by Facebook, it has become the most efficient way to market just about anything. Whether you are a small business, small band, big business or big brand, influencer, makeup artist, it doesn’t matter – Instagram is for you.


This visual platform is the easiest way to attract an audience. The attraction begins with an appealing photo and a slight bit of effort to consume the information in a short caption. After that, voila! You have a new customer, brand rep, client, or as Instagram likes to call it – a new follower.


Like a religion, having a follower says to the Instagram world that you have an audience to preach to. The more followers, the bigger the audience and the greater your success. So, if you’re wondering what’s missing from your Instagram profile, it’s more followers.


The benefits of more followers


Facebook was all about having friends, but having more followers means you have people who support you. Followers can spread, share, and link your content with a simple click; and it’s almost completely effortless on your part.


In fact, Instagram even rewards users with more followers. The more users you have, the greater potential you have to be paid, verified, and even gain access to special features within the app.


Still not sure? Try on these benefits for size:

  1. Swipe-ups

If you’re not sure what a swipe-up is, you don’t have enough followers. Along with the development and rollout of Instagram Stories came an even greater associated feature known as swipe-ups. This allows a follower to view a story and literally just swipe-up when they see a product, service, or linked information that they want to know more about.


How simple is that? Instead of clicking on or searching the profile, all you have to do is swipe-up, and instantly you are on the web page of the item. Talk about easy business. The caveat is; the only way for users to be able to link external websites to swipe-up, they must have at least 10,000 followers.

  1. Revenue

Have you noticed the sponsored ads/profiles within Instagram lately? Some people may view it as a nuisance, but others view it as a benefit earned for having so many followers. The fact is, the more followers you have, the more that advertisers and businesses know that your content is being viewed by a lot of people – and they want you!


If you have a significant number of followers, advertisers will pay you to advertise their product, and all you have to do is keep using the app you love.

  1. Blue checkmark

Oh the blue checkmark; how a symbol so simple can mean something so significant. All users want the blue checkmark, but ideally it is designed for public figures, influencers, celebrities, brands, or similar profiles that Instagram considers legit. The more followers you have, the more legit you seem and Instagram takes it a step further by making sure you are legit.


The blue checkmark means your identity has been verified and it is the true account of that individual, brand, or whatever. The important part is, you’re verified and other users love to see that. This blue checkmark makes others want to follow you.


The simplest way to gain followers


By now, the picture should be clear- you need followers. The question remains, how do you get followers?


Following is not an automatic feature. Unfortunately, just because you follow a profile does not mean they follow you. Instagram makes it all about engagement and a user has to consciously decide to follow an account. Of course there’s the more time-consuming ways to gain followers:


  • Revamp your hashtags
  • Engage in popular conversations
  • Develop a unique style that fits Instagram trends
  • Share local content


Basically, spend a lot of time figuring out the Instagram algorithms. The problem is no user, brand, or business has time to unlock all of these secrets.


As soon as you google ‘buy Instagram followers’, a plethora of results will pop up navigating you to their website at which you can buy Instagram followers. The trick to choosing a vendor that sells Instagram followers is to make sure they’re selling real followers from active Instagram accounts.


In addition to real accounts, you want to buy from an established company that knows Instagram and knows the business.


The big picture


We live in a world of instant gratification. The faster we can receive something, the happier we are. So make your Instagram profile happy and get more followers instantly.


Growing your business/ brand might take time, but gaining followers shouldn’t. If you want to expand your audience, reach more customers, have access to better features, and overall just make more money using Instagram, you need more followers. There is no limit, the more followers the better.


Fortunately, there’s no need to crack the code to relish in these benefits. With a reputable vendor, you can buy followers immediately which will leave you more time to focus on other facets of digital marketing.


Remember, having followers attracts more followers. Once you have a following more people will want to join in and follow your account because more followers is trendy.


So, be trendy, sit back, and watch those numbers rise.

I’m Lauren Elizabeth – a freelance social media marketing strategist and consultant based in LA.